The young boy accidentally finds a girl buried alive in sand for a long time… Watch the video to know what actions he took…

Happy 5-year-old Alyssa Bostic was having a great time playing in the sand at the Marina Dunes when the unthinkable occurred. Alyssa wanted to try to squeeze into a tiny hole to enter the miniature cave she had made during her playtime.

She entered the sand cave, but when she did, it collapsed, making matters worse. Alyssa was entirely buried in the sand and appeared to have little chance of escaping while trapped inside.

11-year-old Connor Fitz-Gerald had come to the same area that Alyssa had just recently become stuck in.

He experienced an odd sense that things wasn’t quite right. When Connor saw one of Alyssa’s possessions on the sand, he had the impression that she was imprisoned. Since there were no adults around, Connor made the decision that he had to act on his own right away. He made the decision to start by releasing that part of her body first after trying to imagine where her head would be in respect to the hole she dug.

Alyssa was unconscious when he finally managed to dig through the sand and extract her. She got sand in her eyes, nose, and mouth. The girl’s situation wasn’t looking good until Connor recalled an NCIS episode from his childhood in which he saw CPR being performed. He determined that his best option was to try to conduct CPS himself because Alyssa was unconscious. That day, his fast thinking saved her life.

When Alyssa’s parents returned to the location, they were stunned but promptly dialed 911. The paramedics on the scene stated that Alyssa’s situation would have been fatal if Connor hadn’t taken action. Fortunately, the young child has since fully recovered and is now healthy. Father of Connor is really pleased with his son’s activities and grateful that everything turned out well.

On that particular day, Connor’s bravery and perseverance saved a life on the beach. His outlook and heroic deeds were essential to the survival of this young child. Although anyone might make this error, it’s crucial to practice caution when playing on the beach because the sand can crumble rapidly and accidents can arise.

Watch the video below:

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