Brave Boy Saves Twins from Hurricane & Takes Them Home, Their Mom Shows Up on Their 3rd B-Day: A Story of the Day

Aiden couldn’t believe someone had chosen to abandon innocent twins in the middle of a hurricane. Little did he know that the babies would become a bigger part of his life. Or that their biological mother would show up three years later, revealing the shocking truth.

Aiden had about a hundred things to complain about, and he would list them down in his small orange diary. His father had given him that diary, the final gift from the hardworking, God-fearing man who died in a senseless forklift accident a week after Aiden’s 14th birthday.

Aiden opened the diary to a new page and started scribbling in aggressive letters. The book was meant to help him write down his ideas and emotions. But after his dad passed away, Aiden only ever had angry things to write.

” …This new house is stupid. It’s damp, moldy, and has no room for my bicycle or guitar! …I feel so alone here! …I miss him.”

Aiden was reminded of his dad, and for a second, he felt robbed of his breath again.

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“Mom! I’m going out!” Aiden yelled to his mom, who was getting ready for work.

“Aiden! Have you finished unpacking the boxes in your room?”

Aiden covered his years, irritated by his mother sounding like a broken record. “I’ll do it when I’m back!” He grabbed his jacket.

Just as he was about to leave the house, his mother called out to him again. “If you’re heading out anyway, could you run to the grocery store, too? The list is on the fridge.”

Jane knew how this errand would annoy Aiden, but she wouldn’t have sent him if there was any other way. She hoped to hear a “Love you, mom” as Aiden left the house. Instead, her angry teenager slid out without a word, slamming the door behind him.

A second after Aiden left, Jane remembered, “He forgot to bring an umbrella!”

Aiden really should have carried one with him. Just as he headed out of the store after buying the groceries like his mom asked, he noticed a violent wind stirring dust into the air. The skies had started to rumble, warning the town of an oncoming hurricane.

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Aiden zipped his hoodie all the way up, covered his head, and stuffed his hands into his pockets. As the skies got louder and darker, he sped up to his little house on a small, misshapen hill.

That’s when he heard it. There was a thin sound somewhere in the wind. It sounded like a kitten or a baby crying.

“Where could that sound be coming from?” Aiden thought, taking his next steps very carefully.

The farther he walked, the louder the sounds got. When he traced the source, his heart sank for a moment. Just to be sure, he rubbed the dust out of his eyes and looked again. The sounds came from an abandoned stroller in the middle of the lane.

Worried about the abandoned baby whose cries wouldn’t stop, Aiden ran to the stroller, only to be shocked again.

There wasn’t one baby in the stroller but two. The twins couldn’t have been more than a few months old, and the loud gushes of wind seemed to be hurting their ears.

Not sure what to do, Aiden quickly took off his hoodie and covered the babies with it, then moved the stroller to one side of the lane, and waited in the violent weather.

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“Maybe someone had to leave the babies here for just a few seconds. They’ll be back,” Aiden said to himself, grabbing his own arms and trying to keep himself warm.

15 minutes had passed, and not a soul had crossed that lane. It had started to rain, and Aiden had no more time to think.

“Alright, babies! I’ve got to get you to a safe place. Let’s go home,” Aiden said to the babies and carefully rolled the stroller up to his house.

With Jane away at work, Aiden had to figure out how to make the babies comfortable all by himself. He moved them to his cozy bed, fortified it with pillows, and lay down next to them, singing a tune to put them to sleep.

Those few moments of watching those two innocent souls, disconnected from the world, wriggling and falling asleep to the sound of his voice, made Aiden’s heart melt.

He didn’t realize when he fell asleep right next to them. About an hour later, he was woken up by a visibly shocked Jane, who had returned home from work.

“What is all this, Aiden? These babies…whose are they?” Jane failed to make the slightest sense of the situation.

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When Aiden explained what happened, Jane went from being suspicious to motherly in one breath. “Check for a diaper bag in the stroller, Aiden. It must be somewhere in the back!”

Aiden handed his mother the bag, and she fished inside for a bottle of milk or formula. That’s when she noticed a note tucked inside.

“Dear neighbor, this is unfortunate, but we need your help with these babies. We’ve never met, but I’m a 55-year-old man with a wife and an 18-year-old daughter.”

“We’ve been living in the big villa next to yours, and though we never spoke face to face, we’ve been observing you. You seem like a kind human, and we hope you will help.”

“My girl is only 18, and we don’t want her life to get stuck being a teen mom. She has our legacy to live up to. So I ask you to treat these babies as any abandoned kids are treated. Perhaps you could hand them over to child services or find them a family.”

“Whatever you do, please be discreet about our identity. We beg you, our family’s pride is at stake.”

Jane was fuming more and more with every line she was reading. After she finished, she flung the letter on the floor and cried at how cruel human beings could be.

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Jane quickly shifted her focus back to the babies. “Aiden, call child services. We have to help get these babies to a good home.”

Aiden hesitated. He picked up his phone, but before hitting the call button, he looked at his mother, who was having second thoughts, too.

“Mom…can’t ours be a good home for the twins?” he asked with a note of hope in his voice.

It was as if the boy had read her mind. Holding the twins had awakened a forgotten feeling of joy within her, and the truth was, she couldn’t bring herself to part with them.

Seeing his mother tear up, Aiden put his phone down, and the mother and son began to chart out a plan for Jane to adopt the twins.

A few weeks later, the adoption went through, and Jane and Aiden were over the moon about their newest pink-toed family members.

Jane had to work harder, and Aiden learned every skill he needed to care for his twin brothers, whom he named Jack and George. Soon, Aiden, Jane, and the twins had become indistinguishable from a biological family.

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Years rolled by, and it was a festive day in the little house on the hill. Jack and George were turning into mischievous little three-year-olds that day. Just as Jane brought out the cake, the doorbell rang. Jane and Aiden shared a confused look.

“Who could that be?” Jane said, walking to the door. The family hadn’t invited any guests.

“Yes? How can we help you?” Jane smiled kindly at the young woman who was standing at the doorstep.

The woman was about to say something when Jack and George came running to the door, peeking at the visitor from behind Jane’s dress.

As soon as the boys came, the young woman burst into tears. She knelt, opened her arms to the boys, and cried, “My babies! You’ve grown so big!”

Jane and Aiden watched in disbelief, realizing that the biological mother of their beloved boys had suddenly come back. A part of Jane wanted to be angry with the 21-year-old, but the genuine sorrow in her young eyes drew out Jane’s kindness.

That evening, the young mother, Susan, revealed her harrowing journey of getting pregnant and delivering the baby, after which her parents disowned her.

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A few weeks after the twins were born, Susan’s parents suddenly called her and her babies home, saying they wanted to ‘mend the relationship.’

“It was a trap!” Susan said, holding back her tears.

As soon as Susan moved back in with her parents and babies, she knew something was off.

“On the day of that fateful hurricane, I was terribly unwell. Under the pretext of taking me to the hospital, my parents got me into the car and left the babies behind.”

“When I woke up, I was in the hospital – in a completely different part of the country, and without any knowledge of where my babies were.”

“I tried fighting, threatening, and reasoning with my parents. But they wouldn’t budge.”

“Fed up with their indifference, I slipped them a note and ran away from their home. I’ve cut all ties with them for the last two years, and they haven’t reached out to me, either.”

“Since then, all I’ve ever wanted to do was stand on my own two feet, so I could find the woman who had my babies and take them back from her.”

“That’s how I ended up on your doorstep. And look, on such an auspicious day!” Susan smiled blushingly.

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Jane was moved by Susan’s story, but her heart was breaking inside, knowing the woman might ask for her children back. “I won’t have the heart to say no,” she thought and sighed.

But Susan had other plans. That day, she had seen how happy her boys were in that house and how loving a mother and elder brother they had found.

“I’m not here to take the boys away from you. It would mean taking the boys away from their family – and I would never do that. Because I know what it’s like to lose one.” Susan hugged Jane and wiped her tears.

Susan did make a request, and that was to become a meaningful part of Jack and George’s lives.

And Jane and Aiden never faltered on that promise. Even as the boys grew up in their loving home, Susan remained close to them as a source of great support and inspiration throughout their growing years.

While Jane felt full with the joy of raising two more intelligent young boys, Aiden was perhaps the happiest of all – knowing that he would love and protect them just like a father would.

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