Bus Driver’s Fired for Giving Free Ride To Homeless Girl, Later She Drives Up To His Boss in Black SUV: History of the Day

A poor bus driver loses his job when he comes to the rescue of a heavily pregnant homeless girl by giving her a free ride to the hospital. Days later, she comes to meet his boss in a posh black SUV.

Bruce had just a few dreams, and the one that topped all of them was his crazy love for a new Ford Mustang. At 31, the orphaned bus driver was aware of the struggles ahead of him. His earnings were barely enough to make ends meet, let alone get a new car, that too an expensive beast on wheels like the Mustang.

Every morning, Bruce would wake up to the cranky alarm near his bedside and stretch, sighing at the long day ahead. He would cook breakfast, slip into his uniform, and smirk at his reflection before riding to the depot in his old car. Life was always monotonous for Bruce but all that changed after he met Gaia…

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“And then, you turn the steering like this…watch out for speed bumps on the road…you need to slow down,” Bruce taught Jack the rules of handling the wheel. Jack was being trained on how to drive a bus.

As Bruce slowly drove across the street, he saw a faint figure of a young girl at the bus stop. She looked back and forth, and Bruce quickly realized she was heavily pregnant and needed a lift. He pulled over near her and asked where she wanted to go.

“We still have one more important thing to do,” she said and rode with her lawyer in a luxe black SUV to meet Bruce’s boss.
“I need to go to the hospital, but I don’t have money for the ticket,” said the young lady. “Please, I have to get there on time. I’m due in a couple of days, but my hip has started to ache.”

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Jack frowned at the shabbily dressed woman and whispered to Bruce, telling him to take off the bus and not let her in. How heartless would that be? But Bruce didn’t seem to care, grumbling at the helpless pregnant woman.

“Let’s get our of here. Look at the rags she’s wearing…She’s probably homeless. My goodness, she smells horrible, and the whole bus will stink if she gets in! And she has no money for the ticket. We can’t offer her a free ride.”

But Bruce wouldn’t listen. He deciphered the woman’s helplessness and waved at her to get in, much to Jack’s fury.

“Thanks, kind man. I’m Gaia, and I’ll never forget your help,” she said.

Bruce smiled and started driving. He dropped Gaia at the hospital and returned to the route to continue his training with Jack.

The whole day flew by. Bruce taught the different driving tactics to Jack and even helped him handle the steering on his own. It was tiring, but Bruce loved his job. Following his long day at work, he decided to visit Gaia at the hospital.

“I’ll go check on her. Nobody’s waiting for me at home, anyway. I’ll just make sure she’s fine!” he thought.

Bruce rode to the hospital in his old secondhand Mustang. This car was his symbol of pride.

“Yes, she came here in the morning. She had this peculiar name…Ga-Gaia, yeah, Gaia. Can you tell me how she is now?” he asked the nurse at the reception.

Bruce was delighted when he was informed Gaia had delivered a beautiful baby boy. He revisited the hospital to meet the mother and her newborn with a little gift for the baby, a onesie.

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“Hey, easy…easy…I just came here to see you and your baby. Congrats!” he greeted Gaia, who was so happy to see him. She took his gift and burst into tears, telling him she had no one to visit her.

“I can’t thank you enough for coming to see me,” she sobbed. “Had my parents been alive, I wouldn’t be struggling alone like this. But my evil husband? He…” Gaia cried and paused.

“Wait, where is your husband, and why is he not here?” asked Bruce, curious to know more about Gaia and the circumstances that led her to become homeless.

“I inherited a huge estate and a good chunk of money from my late parents. My husband stole my inheritance and kicked me out. I was pregnant and begged him, but he became a monster that only loved the smell of money.”

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Bruce pitied Gaia and came for her again the next day. He offered her shelter in his humble house and rode her with her newborn in his old car. He dropped Gaia in his home and left for work, only to return half an hour later, distressed.

“I lost my job. I am fired,” he sobbed to Gaia. “There is no appreciation for the good you do. Some people only know how to backstab and ruin the lives of others.”

Gaia had no clue what had happened until Bruce told her everything. “Jack, the driver I was training yesterday, has complained to my boss about me. My boss fired me for dropping you off without charging you money yesterday.”

Unsurprisingly, Jack filled Bruce’s place. After all, he was after this ever since he started training and nibbled his way to snatch Bruce’s breadwinning position by complaining about him to their boss.

Gaia realized it was her turn to return Bruce’s kindness. She devised a plan with him to restore justice. They decided to hire a lawyer, but money was the problem. That’s when Bruce remembered his old Mustang and decided to sell it. It hurt him to know that he was giving away his symbol of pride, but he had no choice.

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Bruce sold his treasured car and hired a lawyer with the money. But what surprised Gaia was that instead of looking into his problems first, he requested the lawyer to fight for her case and help her reclaim her lost legacy. The kind man’s selflessness moved Gaia.

Her husband was sued for defrauding her. The evidence against him was strong, and he did not stand a chance against Gaia. She got her inheritance back and moved into her house with her baby. She filed for a divorce and immediately sought a way to improve her savior’s life.

“We still have one more important thing to do,” she said and rode with her lawyer in a luxe black SUV to meet Bruce’s boss, Alex.

That day, Alex and Jack were in the depot when a black SUV pulled over outside. Gaia got down with her lawyer and took off her sunglasses. Jack was startled at Gaia’s wealthy makeover.

“Mr. Felix, show them the papers. They are sued for firing my friend, Bruce, without any basis!” she said, pointing at a startled Alex and Jack.

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As it turned out, Gaia had already sued Alex for firing Bruce for helping a pregnant lady get to the hospital. Ultimately, Jack was fired from his job because Alex wanted to save his reputation. He hired Bruce back and paid a hefty fine in court.

Bruce was overwhelmed by Gaia’s kindness, but the bigger surprise was still waiting for him. Later that day, Bruce returned home and found the new Ford Mustang of his dreams outside.

It had a note from Gaia. “Thanks for proving humanity still exists. I hope you like your new car!” it read, moving an emotional Bruce to tears of joy.

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