Driver Mocks Older Lady Who Can’t Park Her Car, Learns Sheʼs Doctor Who Came to Save His Wife: The Story of the Day

A man storms out of his car and tells off an older woman who struggles to park her car on her own. He calls her ‘clumsy’ and mocks at her inability to handle the steering, knowing little she had come to save his wife’s life.

The Bible always teaches us why ‘taming’ the tongue keeps us out of trouble. But what happens if a person blindly fires words at someone, only to regret it big time later? Scott, a man battling to save his wife’s life, had to deal with a similar plight when he vented his frustrations on a helpless older woman struggling to park her car.

“We’re running out of time. We’re trying from our end, but it would be better if you personally appeal to all the surgeons on this list,” the doctor told Scott, just as he was about to leave the hospital to meet the doctors who could save his wife.

Scott and Sarah led the happiest ten years of their marriage and raised a lovely son Dave, 6. While everything was seemingly perfect, trouble arose when Sarah was diagnosed with a rare form of tumor that could only be operated on by a few selective surgeons…

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“I’ll try, doctor. I’ll visit them one by one and explain my situation,” Scott replied as he hurried to his car. He knew this was no easy task but was determined to save Sarah’s life, no matter what it took him.

Scott approached the first two doctors in a total of five doctors’ addresses he had on the list. To his dismay, one of them was out of town, and the other doctor turned down Scott’s request.

“Lady, I suggest you stop driving because you don’t even know how to hold the steering properly with your shaky hands.”
“I’m sorry, but my schedule is filled with so many appointments for the next two weeks. There’s nothing I can do to help you since the surgery is scheduled for a day I’m out of town,” said the doctor.

Scott begged him but was only turned down. Confident about convincing at least one of the three doctors that remained, Scott drove to each of their clinics.

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Scott’s confidence dwindled as he reached the doorstep of the third doctor. The other two were out of the state, and it seemed they wouldn’t be back for the next few weeks. Now, his only hope was to somehow try and convince the last doctor on his list to look into Sarah’s operation and save her life.

“I am sorry, but I understand. I will be leaving tomorrow for an important conference abroad. I don’t think I can make it on the date of the surgery you mentioned,” said the doctor, feeding on Scott’s last hope.

Frustrated and disappointed, Scott drove back to the hospital to share the bad news with the doctor. He was about to turn his car and pull over in the parking slot when he almost bumped into another vehicle that obstructed the way.

“Watch it, lady!” he fumed at an older woman in the driver’s seat. She had difficulty holding the steering and tried turning to make way for Scott but again slightly bumped onto his tailgate. At this point, Scott was furious and got down angrily to tell her off, knowing little who she was.

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“Get down from the car,” he told her. The woman was quite startled by his ill temper and got out. Just as she watched in disbelief, Scott sat in her car and turned the steering, pulling over to the parking slot nearby.

“That was so quick!” the woman sighed, laughing shyly. “Thank you so much, young man.” But Scott’s reaction left her speechless.

“Who wants your thanks? Lady, I suggest you stop driving because you don’t even know how to hold the steering properly with your shaky hands. You better stop driving with your clumsy hands because you don’t even know how to park your car,” he fumed and hurried inside the hospital.

Scott was disappointed and entered Sarah’s ward to meet the doctor. Just as he prepared to talk to him, the doctor entered the ward with a woman and introduced her to Scott. She was the same older woman he had yelled at the parking moments ago.

“Meet Mrs. Fredrick! She is an experienced surgeon who has come here to perform Sarah’s complex operation,” introduced the doctor as Scott turned pale with shock.

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“Mr. Damon? What’s wrong?” the doctor snapped Scott to his senses. “Mrs. Fredrick is here, and you need not worry anymore. She has been in this field for over 45 years and has performed many similar surgeries. We contacted her in the morning after you left, and she agreed to come here and look into the case.”

Scott was guilty of mocking the older woman moments ago without realizing her true potential…

“I am so sorry. I am not usually rude like I was to you a while ago. It’s just that I couldn’t bear my wife’s condition,” he apologized to the woman as they left the ward. “I was running around everywhere looking for help to save her life. I cannot bear losing her and felt the whole world’s pressure on my shoulders when all the doctors I met turned down my pleas.”

Scott grew worried if Mrs. Fredrick would deny performing the surgery owing to his sarcastic attitude toward her.

“I’m ready to do anything for you to save Sarah’s life. Please don’t walk out on her just because I was rude to you,” he begged, tearing up. But the woman’s reaction left him muted and guilty.

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“I’m a doctor whose main duty is to save lives, not take revenge on someone just because he mocked me,” said the lady. “And don’t worry, you also taught me how to handle the wheel and park the car!”

Scott was shocked by the woman’s reaction. While he anticipated her to shout at him or refuse to take up Sarah’s surgery, her response made him reconsider his views.

“And don’t worry about your wife. I’ve handled many different cases like hers, and I assure you that she will be fine,” she said, rekindling Scott’s hope in kindness and forgiveness.

A few hours later, Mrs. Fredrick came out of the operation theater, smiling. “The operation was successful!” she said, adjusting her gloves and walking away. Scott, who could not thank the older woman enough that day, teared up like never before.

Sarah recovered shortly and thanked her husband for everything he did to save her life. From that day onward, Scott never vented his frustrations on others and, most importantly, did not underestimate anyone, especially the elderly.

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