Kid Gives Kitty to Old Widow So She Won’t Feel Lonely, His Mom Is Showered With Gifts Next Day: The Story of the Day

A little boy’s heart goes out to a poor widow, and he gives his kitten to her to console her broken heart. The next day, a truck pulls up outside his house, and his mother is showered with gifts for his good deed.

Scary, witchy, reclusive, and insane. These were just a few of the many terms used by Mrs. Adams’ neighbors to describe her.

The 89-year-old widow was always clad in full black and hardly left her house. Kids dreaded approaching her, and elders had only heard negative rumors about how she killed her husband or did black magic.

But there was one little soul in the neighborhood who cared about Mrs. Adams. He would sit on his balcony and watch the old lady’s house with binoculars.

“Everyone is stupid! She looks old and sad. I don’t think she’s scary!” That’s what 6-year-old Tim thought of Mrs. Adams.

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His mother, Laura, was a single mom, and she worked three jobs to provide for them. Money was scarce, but Tim’s heart was filled with love and kindness.

He was only 6, but his tiny brain worked like Sherlock Holmes, and after following Mrs. Adams for a week, he knew everything about her whereabouts.

He’d noticed her peering outside her house through her living room drapes and how she enjoyed eating oranges on her balcony. She needed a friend to be happy again, and Tim wanted to be friends with her, but his mommy would be mad. Oh, such a huge problem for a little soul!

One day, Tim found the perfect solution to console Mrs. Adams’ broken heart!

He was on his way home from school when he saw a little kitten on the road. She looked sick and weak, so he brought her home. He bathed her, fed her milk, and built her a little bed out of his shoe box.

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“What should I name you?”

Tim thought about the cat’s name for a long time and decided to name her Kitty. “Kitty! Yes! That’s the best name!”

When his mom came home that day, Tim didn’t tell her about the kitten. He hid her in his room under the bed because if Laura found out what he was going to do with the cat, she would be mad.

The next day, when Laura went grocery shopping, Tim found the perfect chance. He told his babysitter (his next-door neighbor who frequently watched him while Laura was away) that he was going out to play, but instead, he took Kitty in the shoe box and stopped outside Mrs. Adams’ house.

The older woman who walked on a cane took her own sweet time answering the door. “Who are you? Why did you ring my bell so many times?!” she asked stiffly as she finally opened the door.

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Tim smiled, and Mrs. Adams noticed one of his front teeth was missing. She suddenly burst out laughing.

“See! I knew you were not scary!” said Tim. “You look pretty when you smile, just like my Gran. She’s gone, but I know she smiles at me every day from the sky!”

“Of course, I’m not scary, little man, but what’s your name? You see, I don’t get many visitors,” Mrs. Adams asked him, still laughing at his broken teeth.

“I’m Tim!” he said proudly and extended Kitty’s shoe box to her. “This is for you. She’s my pet, Kitty. I know you’re alone after your husband died. Kitty will keep you company.”

Mrs. Adams’ smile suddenly faded, and she clutched her chest. “Did you come here for this? To give the cat to me?” she asked, tearing up.

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Tim nodded. “Please don’t tell mommy! She’ll be mad! You can keep Kitty with you!”

“Thank you so much, Tim,” the older lady said, touched. “Everyone is afraid of me, and they call me terrible things. Nobody bothered to ask me how I was doing after my husband died. The fact that you cared about me touches my heart. Can I give you a hug?”

Tim stepped forward to hug Mrs. Adams’ waist, and the older lady gently embraced him. “You will be okay. I was very sad when my Gran died. But I am fine now,” Tim told her.

Mrs. Adams was moved by what Tim did for her. She treated him to cookies and hot chocolate, and Tim shared all his worries with her. He told her how Laura worked three jobs, and he hasn’t enrolled in school because they didn’t have enough money for his school supplies and fees.

“Kindness never goes unrewarded, Tim,” Mrs. Adams told him. “It doesn’t matter whether it’s something huge or small; it always comes back to you!”

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The next day was a Sunday, and Tim was playing in his front yard when a truck pulled over outside his house. Two men got down, retrieved several colorfully wrapped boxes, and piled them on Tim’s front porch.

“Who are you? Why did you bring us so many boxes?” Tim asked as he dashed up to the men.

“It’s for your mother, kid,” one of the men answered. “Have a good day!” And they walked away.

Tim ran up to his mom. “Mom! Mom! Someone sent us gifts!”

“What? Who would send this?” Laura was shocked. Then her attention was drawn to a note atop one of the boxes.

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“Your little child has a heart of gold. Please don’t be mad at him. He helped me, and I wanted to do something for him. Please accept this with gratitude.

With love,

Your neighbor,

Mrs. Adams.”

“Honey, did you meet Mrs. Adams? She’s the one who sent us this!”

“Oh well…” Out of fear, Tim blurted everything out, including how he had found Kitty. “I’m sorry, mommy. I will not do this again!”

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But Laura wasn’t mad. She was proud of her little son. “You did a great thing, Tim! I’m not mad at you. I wanted to reach out to Mrs. Adams as well, but I was scared. I’m proud of you, honey!”

Later, Tim and Laura opened the boxes and found new clothes for Tim, a backpack, tracksuit, books, stationery, and much more that would help him out at school. It was Mrs. Adams’ way of saying thank you to Tim for his help and to Laura for raising her son right.

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